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The Longest Running Show on Broadway….and Beyond!
The firm began its run with three shining clients in shows along the Great White Way. Word of mouth soon hit the street and stage, and the firm’s reputation has been singing as Broadway’s best and brightest ever since.

Trudy C. Durant and Associates, LLC has earned its distinguished reputation as Broadway's premier accountants through their ability to create valuable and lasting working relationships and provide individualized attention to marquee clients on both sides of the curtain.

Founded in the early 1970s as a sole proprietorship, Trudy C. Durant & Associates, LLC has developed into a 20-person organization with multiple offices, servicing the entertainment community nationwide. Appointments are available at the firm’s offices and on the road at several tour locations each year.
At Trudy C. Durant and Associates, LLC we believe our clients' needs are of utmost priority and we pride ourselves on the level of personal service we provide to each of our clients. Our reputation is our best calling card—we know you’ll think so too.
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